Panasonic’s Transparent TV That Is Invisible

Technology beast Panasonic introduced a Transparent TV at CES 2016. It is the coolest TV in the history of TV. This TV will be invisible so you don’t need to worry about the size of the TV. Panasonic said that it’s a prototype, they are not sure when they are going to release this TV in the market.

In this era of technology this generation has seen so much up gradation in the TV, like curved screen, flat-screen, HD, UHD, Smart TV etc. Now Panasonic brings another awesome advancement in the TV. They revealed the Transparent TV, which is invisible. So now you don’t have to think more about the space that large black TV takes to set. The screen of this TV is a thin LCD panel with adjustable dimensions. Because of its adjustable dimensions it is easier to set the TV on your living room. You can set it anywhere you want to set. You can move the TV up down to get greater customization.

panasonic invisible tv

The display of the Panasonic TV supports videos and still images in HD quality. The most amazing part of this TV is that it’s fully transparent which makes the TV unique from the other traditional TV. You can use the screen of the TV in two parts, in one part you can play music and in another part you can use just an opaque glass.

The control of the TV is also going to be very much interesting as well as amazing. You can control the TV with “Motion Gestures” which makes the TV much more stunning. Motion means you can control the TV with your movement of hands. There also another incredible control of the TV; that is voice command. There will also be a traditional TV remote to control the TV. Overall this invisible TV from Panasonic will be a fantastic TV.

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