Leap Motion: An Amazing Tech To Control Your PC

Here is a stunning technology that will completely change your PC experience. This technology is known as Leap Motion. Leap Motion, Inc is an American company that produce computer hardware sensor device, which is able to control your PC. This sensor can take input to pc with your hand and finger movements but you don’t need to touch or make any contact with your pc.

Journey of Leap Motion:

Leap Motion technology was first developed in 2008 by the co founder of Leap Motion, Inc David Holz. At that time David Holz was getting Ph.D in Mathematics. He was a great follower of Jarvis and that’s why he created this terrific motion technology.

With his childhood friend Michael Buckwald, David Holz co founded Leap Motion Inc. in 2010. For this experimental project he has invested some money. It was his dream that is now a reality. The company was able to raise $1.3 million fund in June 2011 with investments from some capital firms such as; SOSV, Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund, also from some great investors. After sometime in May 2012, the association declared an amount of $12.75 million sponsored series A by Highland Capital Partners and another $30 million in January 2013 sponsored by Series B.

Leap-Motion controller

After a little quietness since 2010, the company announced it first device The Leap on     May, 2012. With this device they published a software developer program on October, 2012 and they distributed several devices to the developers to create more applications for this Device. It’s distributed among almost 12k units of developers. Leap Motion company launched this device in market on July 2013. In March 2014 the company sold out 5000,000 devices.

That’s not all they allowed Leap Motion devices to function with Oculus Rift VR on August 2014. But that is in the version 2 of that software.

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Leap Motion is a simple plug-in-play device. This device looks too simple, small and clean. You can use this device without any hesitation. Simplicity is the all this gadget got. The device work thorough USB, just connect this device with your pc via USB and enjoy. You don’t need any kind if mouse or keyboard to give input or command to your pc. You can do these tasks with your hand and for this you don’t need to touch your monitor or something else of pc.

leap_moyion snap

This amazing device works with a motion sensor. In this device there are two IR cameras and 3 LED light that are able to track your hand movements by clicking images consequently at 300 frames per second. That’s why Leap Motion is so efficient about tracking your movement.

Let’s talk about its range, from the controller the device can work around 2 feet. LED lights capture your image through USB. It can analyze your 3D hand movements and instruct pc what task you want to perform on your pc.

The company also has an app market. Airspace is the name of this market. In the store you can find all the software that can be used with Leap Motion. This Device is compatible with AMD Phenom II  or Intel Core i3/i5/i7 running Windows 7/8 or Mac OSX 10.7 with 2 GB of RAM. Now the device works with USB 2.0 but in the future it will work with USB 3.0.

Leap Motion Controller will cost you $99.99. You can get this tremendous tech from Amazon.

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