Why Apple Is Right To Challenge an Order to Help The F.B.I.

Recently in San Bernardino, Calif 14 people is being killed by an attacker. Federal investigators has found the iPhone of that killer but it’s locked so they want to unlock the iPhone with the help of the tech giant Apple. Government is also trying to get help from Apple. But Apple is doing the right thing in challenging the federal court ruling requiring that it comply.

There is an order issued on Tuesday by the Magistrate Judge Sheri Pym that Apple must develop new software that will encrypt the security features on the iPhone used by the terrorist. This software will help the Federal Bureau of Investigation to unlock the device and can get pictures, messages and other data on it. Another federal magistrate judge in New York is considering a similar request to unlock an iPhone in a narcotics case.

Apple has already given all the data from the phone that was bucked up and stored on its iCloud server. The last backup was made about a month ago before the attacks. Company’s chief executive said that if they use software to unlock the phone it can erase all the data on the phone. That’s why they are not making the software.

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