The Ambulance Drone That Could Save Your Life

The first moment of an accident is critical and important to provide the right care to prevent escalation. A speedy emergency response can prevent deaths and accelerate recovery dramatically. Now there is something for this kind of emergency. A Dutch student created an Ambulance Drone for this kind of emergency situation. This drone can save many lives with its capability. It can save people from drowning, heart failure, traumas and respiratory issues. Because there are some lifesaving technologies in this Ambulance Drone such as an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), medication, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) aids.

A new type of frame was developed that is a compact flying toolbox containing essential and important supplies for advance life support for this drone. The drone can be used anywhere with its portability and foldability. The drone can also be used in indoors. The first prototype only focuses on the delivery of an Automated Defibrillator (AED).  Around 80,000 people per year suffer from a cardiac arrest in the European Union. An upsetting number considering only 8% survives this incident. The main reason behind this is the slow response time. But this new Ambulance Drone will response within 1 minute. It can go with a highest speed of 60mph.

The Ambulance drone can communicate with call or message. The drone will reach on the spot using the GPS. The fast movement of this drone can save many lives. In future there will be much more feature added to the drone. The price of this drone will be around $19,000.

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