Teleport VR camera and Teleport VR Headset


Teleport is an awesome and easiest way to store and share your day to day moments via virtual reality (VR). You can share your daily moments into VR videos and share those moments with your family and friends.

Whenever you open Teleport you will see what your friends shared via Teleport and you also can see some incredible moments shared by the Teleporters from all over the world.


Uses of Teleport
  •  Record VR videos and share instantly on You Tube,Face book and Twitter.
  • You can watch VR videos from all over the world.

To record videos, you will need a Teleport VR Camera, to watch VR videos you will need a Teleport VR Headset, Teleport Google Cardboard or Gear VR.

Teleport VR Camera

teleport vr camera

People always want to record their best moments. Now they can record their every single moments via Teleport VR Camera. This Camera records the moments and save them to Teleport, a whole new way to save the best moments of their life in virtual reality. So people can watch their videos whenever they want to watch them from anywhere around the world. To capture those special memories you just need to plug the Teleport VR Camera in your Smartphone and start capturing. It’s that simple.

Teleport VR Camera got 2 lenses that work the same way how our eyes see the world. Videos that capture this camera are in 3D, so that you can feel that they are actually real.

Teleport VR Headset

teleport vr headset

Teleport VR Headset is like something that you have never experienced before. It’s something like moving spontaneously through space and time. You will feel that you have a magical power. When you will wear the headset, you will feel that you are really in that moment, which you are watching via Teleport VR Headset. You can actually feel those special moments of your life and also emotions of past.


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