Sony LED Bulb With Bluetooth Speaker Review, Price and Images

Sony LED Bulb Speaker :

What will happen if you get an speaker with an ordinary and simple looking bulb. This would be great if a simple energy saving bulb can play music too. You can be so romantic with your dearest one with this kind of music system. So if you are searching something like this technology, then the wait is over. Electronics giant Sony developed a fantastic technology, an LED bulb with a speaker.

This LED Bulb has a speaker in it. It can play music with a beautiful sound. The speaker is functioned with Bluetooth. It can give your room a wonderful environment, that will be loved by everyone. You can control this 360-lumen bulb with your Smartphone app. The name of this app is SongPal app. With this app you will be able to manage the volume and brightness of this bulb. There is also a remote, which can be paired over NFC (Near Field Communication). With Bluetooth connection you can control it from a limited distance.

This amazing LED Light Bulb Speaker announced at Japan on 23rd May.

It will cost you $226. So just imagine how this bulb speaker can change your rooms environment. Here are some images.



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