Seagate Innov8: New 8TB hard drive with USB-C interface

While there are many hard drives that can work with the power available in a traditional USB port, some special configurations require the presence of an external power supply. With the advancement of the USB-C specification, this situation is changing, and one of the latest products from Seagate is the external hard drive Innov8 that will launch this month. In addition to dispense with the external power supply, this product also offers a capacity of 8 terabytes which is just astounding.


The user needs varys according to their activity against the computer. But one thing is for sure is that the capacity of the storage media should continue to grow and External hard drives gained a particular brightness since the AIO systems, laptops and hybrid changed margin expansion volume reduction, not to mention the fact that they can be moved from one system to another very easily. Of course, not everything is rosy. External hard drives with more capacity also bear greater energy demand, which can not be covered by conventional USB connections. This requires manufacturers to add an extra power supply for the computer, further reducing the portability factor. With USB Type-C specification and the new Seagate drive Innov8, all those details should be left aside for good.


From a technical point of view is not the first external hard drive with 8 terabytes storage, but Seagate has highlighted in its announcement is the first of its kind without a dedicated power supply, courtesy of a single USB Type-C port on its case. If memory serves me, USB-C supports up to 3A long as you follow the rules of USB 3.1 and the USB Power Delivery 2.0. The Seagate Innov8 is actually USB 3.1 and comes with its own approved cable, therefore, there will be no problems in matters of stability and security.

If we obey the official specifications, Seagate Innov8 measures 208 by 123.6 by 36 millimeters, weighs 1.5 kilograms, and the warranty is 24 months. The hard drive will hit shelves this month, and it is estimated that the average price will revolve around $350 which maybe a little on the high side but for a such a product you have to loosen your wallets.