Oculus Rift VR 2016 Specs

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is an upcoming tech which is going to change the era of gaming. This gadget will give the geek of gamer the real taste of Virtual Gaming. This headset is completely capable of the highest –end virtual experience, which is needed to experience the virtual gaming. So game maniacs, be ready to feel the warmness of this gadget. This gadget will release in 2016 , but there are some rumors also about the release date.

Oculus Rift Specs :

Oculus Rift is actually a virtual reality headset.This device has three – part system. First one is the headset itself, which is truly efficient to give user the real time gaming experience. With this headset gamer will feel that he is actually in that game which he will play. The resolution of this headset is 2160 x 1200. This one resolution over two OLED displays and works at 233 million pixels per second. This headset has removable and replaceable soft ear padding around the inside of the front. It will be comfortable for those who uses headset in a vast amount.

Oculus-Rift VR

This headset is made of a high quality material, which can also be removed and replaceable if needed. The left and right side of the headset are built in headphones, that also removable. This headphones are not like some others which can not be removed or replaceable. There is also an adjuster for eye pieces under the headset on the right side. With this single adjuster user can adjust the screen as user wants. This feature looks simple but a very much important update as user requested.

Now let’s talk about it’s weight. The weight of this gadget is very light, user can handle it with even one hand.

One unfortunate thing about this gadget is that the sensor of this gadget is not so efficient, but manufacturer is saying that they are researching on it.

Now we all need to wait and see whether this gadget is going to disappear or stays in the market.