MotoBot By Yamaha: World’s First Robot To Drive A Motorcycle And Challenges World Champion Rossi

MotoBot is a Humanoid robot created by vast bike company Yamaha. Yamaha showed this latest motorcycle riding robot at the Tokyo Motor Show. As this robot can drive motorbike, that’s why they named this robot MotoBot. This robot will give the champion racers a run for their money.

An Official Video by Yamaha of MotoBot

Yamaha showed the stunning work of engineering with the creation of this robot. On the other hand other automobile companies were busy to show the features that their automobile has got. The only goal of MotoBot is to beat the MotoGp world champion Valentino Rossi. MotoBot is capable of riding a normal motorcycle without any modifications made to the motorcycle. MotoBot’s future goal is to compete with Valentino Rossi within the lap time of Rossi around a racetrack. If you know what bike riding is then you should know that this task is not that easy.

Yamaha Motobot1

As we already know that in future robot will take the job that we do now like; Doctor, Architect and Lawyer. And now these machines will sit in the driver’s seat as well. MotoBot will be improvised in the future. To beat Valentino Rossi it needs to learn from its master. With a childish voice this robot says that “I am improving my skills every day. I was created to surpass you. ”

MotoBot can ride a 1000cc Yamaha YZF-R1M motor bike with a great skill and it can also accelerate more. It can even adjust its position on the track like a human being. Though this robot is way much behind in speed than world champion Rossi. But Yamaha said that they are working ever day on this robot to make it more skillful, faster and safer.

Yamaha Motobot2

MotoBot has some incredible features to understand the function of motorcycle and it can also react with the condition of bike such as; speed and engine RPM. It has six sensors to understand the functions of steering, rear brake, front brake, throttle, clutch and gearshift pedal.

In the future Yamaha will add some more features to improvise the speed skills of this riding robot. For the speed lovers this machine will be challenge for them. MotoBot will learn to take its own decision to race into the racetrack. Yamaha said that they will improve MotoBot to touch 200 kph on a racetrack.

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