MIT’s X – Ray Vision Technology To See Through Walls and Things

X – Ray Vision

If you want to see through walls or things, then be ready for this upcoming technology. Now this isn’t a dream anymore, because with the help of X – Ray vision you can see through walls.

The X – Ray Vision, will soon be a reality, which is developed by a group of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). This research is leading by Professor Dina Katabi. MIT   and CSAIL have been working on this new technology since 2013. They call it RF – Capture method to see thorough walls.


Functions Of RF – Capture

This device got a wireless transmitter that relays a radio signal. Then, receiver of that device picks up the signal reflected back by the hidden body. Then, an algorithm determines the silhouette of the body on the other side with the help of those received data. The device is also capable of separate between different people, which is up to 15 different people, with almost 90% accuracy. And also be able to track motion and posture. X-ray vision MIT

This new technology is going to make the work of caretakers and health care applications so much easier, because targeted person don’t need to wear something and he or she might not even know about the device. If any accident take place it will warn the caretaker. This technology can also be used in the field of military and law enforcement, basically in the case of hostage situations.

MIT lab will set up a company to administer the marketing of this device next year. The marketing will roll out early in 2017 and the price of this device approximately $250 to $300

The team of MIT is recently working on it to make this device smaller and to make it user friendly so that the device can be easily functioned via a Smartphone app.

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