Lenovo And Google Makes World’s First “Project Tango Smartphone”

Here is an amazing news about the smartphones for the users. Technology giants Lenovo and Google are coming together to make a Project Tango Smartphone. Maybe this smartphone will make a revolutionary change to the history of smartphones. Firstly Project Tango was the research of google but now google have decided to make it successful with Lenovo. These companies announced this news about Project Tango at CES 2016.

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Project Tango:

You guys are having a little problem about the definition of Project Tango. Don’t worry, Now I’am going to tell you about Project Tango. Project Tango is a technology that features the 3D expanded reality. This technology combination of 3D motion tracking with depth sensing to give you the ability to know the exact location of a certain things that you want to know. You can even track the movement of that thing if it’s movable.

Project Tango will use a combination of camera and sensor which will be able to track the motion. This technology will work inside a close environment like a room or a shopping mall. This will work with a smartphone without any WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth Beacon. It can navigate you through a shopping mall. You can even find the item that you are looking for. This technology will make your normal environment into a virtual 3D world. Lenovo says that “It will work like magic to you as its turns your home into virtual reality.”

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Lenovo Project Tango Smartphone :

According to the companies the smartphone will be less than 6.5 inches in size. There will be a Qualcom Snapdragon Chipset inside the smartphone. Storage capacity will be expandable upto 128GB and operating system will be Android. Most amazing feature of this smartphone will be the graphics because iit will be powered by Nvidia Tegra K1. The capacity of RAM will be 4GB. So you can think that how powerful, efficient and fast this smartphone is going to be.Right now almost 5,000 developers are working to make more apps that are supportable with this technology of Project Tango.

World’s first Project Tango Smartphone will be available at summer 2016 according to the developer.

This Smartphone of Lenovo will cost you $500.

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