Headphones: Bone Conducting Music Players and Sony MDR-XB950 Headset

Bone Conducting Music Players

This Sports Music Player is perfect for cyclists and swimmers.

bone conduction headphones

I think you have never heard about an waterproof headphones that can be used under water. This bone conduction sports headphone is waterproof. Basically this Headphone is designed for the waterlogged athletes.  The Crowfunding website is seeking funds for this gadget. Beker is the newest version of the invention formerly knownas “Music Shell”.

Situated in Taipei, Taiwan, the Beker group created a little and classy individual boombox that works for a wide assortment of games. On the off chance that listening to tunes is an imperative piece of your wellness or preparing, this games music player is intended to stay secure even as you move and work when completely submerged in water. It accompanies an adaptable headband that should run with any outfit you wear.

The lightweight gadget is more helpful than earbuds, which is ideal for dynamic music significant others.


The Sony MDR-XB950 Headset 

Sony MDR-XB950 Headset

For customers that appreciate low and blasting sound quality when listening to their favorite music or songs, the Sony MDR-XB950 headset offers only composed bass earphones that attention on offering baritone-particular sound. The earphones are perfect for purchasers that appreciate to listen to music with substantial thunders or resounding sounds, for example, hip-bounce or R&B.

Numerous styles of music offer a particular style of music that is best listened in settings that supplement the sound. The Sony MDR-XB950 headset are perfect for bass-substantial music that would somehow or another go unnoticed or blow the speakers of ordinary earphones. This headset is intended to offer sound play taking into account rich baritone sound. The earphones are likewise helpfully remote for on-the-go tuning in.

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