Gigantic World’s Fastest 128 GB DDR4 RAM Kit Revealed By G.Skill

There is a revolutionary device for computer enthusiast. It will change the whole performance of your computer. It’s nothing but a RAM. G.Skill announced an incredible 128 GB DDR4 RAM with a clock speed of 3000MHz. Ripjaws is the name of this RAM. This RAM is going to change the performance of your computer with its scary super fast speed. This latest Ripjaws RAM kit is the world’s fastest DDR4 128 GB 1.35V memory kit. Now you can do all kind of professional tasks with this RAM.

G.Skill is the world’s leading brand that manufactures gaming gadgets and high performance memory kits

Ripjaws RAM 2


G.Skill created an incredible super fast RAM kit with a face-melting speed. It’s the Ripjaws 128 GB DDR4 CL14 3000MHz memory kit. This kit constituted of 8x16GB memory modules. The RAM kit is just perfect for 3D rendering, Graphical tasks, content creation, large scientific calculation and other professional applications. It’s the conclusive workstation for these tasks. It will be compatible with latest Intel XMP2.0 quad-channel X99 systems. There will be 8 16GB memory modules with this RAM kit. In comparison with other 128GB RAM kit this RAM is way faster than all of those RAM. It is actually the world’s fastest memory kit ever. The clock speed of this RAM is 3000MHz. This latest Ripjaws DDR4 128GB CL14 has the C: 14-14-14-34 ultra low CAS Latency. This feature will give you the best and powerful performance that you ever wanted. These are the cool specifications of this RAM.

Ripjaws RAM 1

G.Skill announced that 128GB DDR4 RAM kit will release through the end of the January 2016.

This superfast, extreme RAM kit will cost you $944.23. The price is a bit high but looking at its features it’s ok. So if you want to make your computer powerful and terribly fast, and then grab this RAM kit and enjoy the face melting speed. You can get it from Amazon.

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