Form 2: Formlab’s Latest 3D Printer’s Features, Specs and Price

Form 2 is a 3D printer, which is an update version of Form 1 and 1+. This version of this printer is launched  by the company named Formlabs. This is the most advanced 3D printer for Desktop and it is more powerfull than other 3D printers. Formlabs build this printer with more incredible features, what exactly professional designers, engineers and creators need. It released on 22nd September, 2015.

Form 2 Features and specs:

form 2 3d printer

Formlab’s Form 2 3d Printer

Form 2 has bigger build volume and technical innovations. This printer will print with a technology named stereo lithography (SLA) printing to the desktop. Most obvious development of this printer is that, it’s build volume, which is increased. It’s build volume is 145x145x175mm. On the other hand Form 1/1+ volume is 125x125x165mm. User can print with this printer via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB. So user don’t need to connect with pc or laptop to print. It has a new printing process, that is a new sliding peel mechanism, wiper and heated resin tank. With this feature the printer is capable of printing large and solid parts with more details. The resin tank will automatically refill via resin cartridges while printing. It will work with laser method with a better print resolution.
Formlabs listen to the user and improve the way of use. Now user can use the printer easily, because they simplified the printing process with the feature of PreForm Software. Touchscreen Display is also an incredible feature. It has full color LCD touchscreen for print queues and viewing print status. It will run on Windows and Mac OS. With the wireless connectivity the status of the printer can also be checked via web from anywhere of the world. Form 2 can be shared by multiple users.

The  price of this printer is a little bit high. Price is about $3,499 and the price of resin tank is $149 – $299.


Overall Form 2 is an outstanding 3D printer, because of it’s unique and nice features. So if you are looking to buy a 3D printer you can have this wonderful printer. You can also start with a lower cost printer, but let me tell you one thing about this printer is that, this printer is now unbeatable and so powerfull for printing.