Flyte: A Wireless And Floating Light Bulb That Lasts 22 Years

Flyte is a revolutionary change in the history of lighting. For the past 135 years the concept of bulb hasn’t been changed. Flyte is a floating light bulb with the incredible feature of wireless. This light bulb is revolutionized by Simon Morris. Simon Morris is a scientist. He is from New York City but lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Flyte is actually a great combination of Levitating and Light.

Here is a Video of Flyte

Flyte: Features

Flyte is the ultimate result of Moriss’s years of research. The light is a combination of an LED bulb with a wireless power receiver and an electromagnetic wooden base in its bottom. There is a power transmitter and another electromagnet into the wooden base. This bulb has an astonishing feature of floating. It will look like magic to you. It’s a combination of power transmission and electromagnetic levitation. This bulb will last for 22 years, if the usage is 6 hours daily or 11 years at 12 hours daily.

Flyte functions

With the electromagnet feature this light will be able to float and it will stay at a constant state. If there occurs a power-cut the electromagnet will stop functioning, but you don’t need to worry about the landing of the bulb. Because it will land safely on the wooden base. Flyte also has a stunning feature of shatterproof shell, so you don’t need to worry if the bulb fell into the ground.

Flyte floating bulb

The bulb gets its power from an invisible wireless power transmitter. This wireless power transmitter will supply the electricity to the bulb. The bulb has LED for a longer lasting life and more efficient in energy saving. The lifetime of this bulb is 50,000 hours continuously.

The wooden base of Flyte will be useful to charge your smart phones. This is also a great feature. Your phone will get charge from this wooden base with the wireless charging.

Flyte light

Flyte: Price

Unfortunately Flyte light is not going to be cheap. The price of Flyte light bulb will start at $249. With this cost you can buy 50 Philips normal energy bulbs.

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