Flexible Smartphone Prototype Lets You Flip through Digital Books

What will happen if we can flick our e-books in our Smartphone like real life book reading? Now there is an incredible solution to this problem, we can now able to flip our e books with our finger tips like real time book reading. A flexible Smartphone prototype has been made by the researcher of Queen’s University in Canada. This Smartphone will allow us to navigate pages of e-books by bending the screen.

ReFlex is the name of this Smartphone. This phone will have an OS of Android and the display will be a 720p flexible OLED screen from LG. There are some sensors on the rear of this phone that is combined with vibration and audio feedback to create what researchers are calling “eyes free navigation”. With this sensor and feature user will feel the way that they are actually using a physical object.

flexible smartphone

The Smartphone will work like this, when the phone is bent down on the right side, pages will flip through the fingers from right to left, just like they would in a real book.” The flip of pages will get faster with the more extreme bending. User will feel the great realistic experience of the page flipping via their fingertips with a detailed vibration of the phone.

This research team also added this technology to gaming like you can play angry bird using the phone. Just bend the screen to stretch the sling shot.

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