B2 Bluetooth Speaker By AudioEngine

Want to access all of your music playlist wirelessly? I think it’s not a new question or unknown quest at all in this growing tech world. Audioengine B2 Bluetooth speaker can be used to access all of your music wireless. This Special B2 Bluetooth Speaker by Audioengine is available in two designs: Black Ash and Zebrawood.

Audioengine B2 Bluetooth speaker uses high fidelity Bluetooth with aptX transmission to bring your Music to life. The aptX Codec is designed specifically to convert high quality music and to enrich the audio.

B2 Bluetooth Speaker By AudioEngine

AudioEngine B2 Bluetooth speaker will work with any kind of Bluetooth enabled devices or gadgets like smartphones, tablets and you will be able to play all the music tracks, playlist and even the internet radio stations.

The B2 Bluetooth Speaker is hand built using real wood and the speaker grills are magnetically held in place. One main special feature of this speaker is for no-Bluetooth device. It has ab auxiliary port that can be used for no-Bluetooth devices also.


Smart and Eye-catching B2 Bluetooth Speaker, just simply turn on the speaker pair with your gadgets and enjoy your music and feel out of the world.

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