A New Android Banking Trojan That Can Get All Your Banking Details

There is a new malware has been created for Android to hack online banking system and with the help of your personal and important files they can do whatever they wants.

The name of this malware is Xbot is not widespread yet. At this moment this Trojan is targeting devices in Australia and Russia. But the maker of this malware Xbot will try to spread all over the world.

The maker made this malware with more complexity and efficiently. So this malware is a lot harder to detect. This virus can attack any device but user won’t be able to know that there is a malware in his device because it has the ability to remain hidden.

Xbot uses a technique known as activity hijacking to carry out attacks at stealing online banking and personal details. Initially it allows the malware to start a different action when someone tries to start an application. User are unaware that they are actually using a wrong application.

This malware can only access the older versions of Android especially on Android 5.0.  Xbot is also capable of surf around your personal data like messages and pictures.

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